Music Notes

Here is a link where she makes a recreation of cutepolish’s music note design.



Hi guys!! So today the cutepolish design that I decided to share with you is the design that’s perfect for playing any instrument. In this design the nails are sort of like music sheets with notes on them. For this design you might need to use an actual dotting tool since it would be so much easier and because using the supplies in your house such as bobby pins leave you bobby pinless:( To paint on the lines make sure both of your hands are on the table and don’t move the stripper, but you should move your finger, leaving it easier, straighter and neater.


Animated nails


Here is a link to a video with some comments at the bottom of the page.

Hi guys!! So this is my favourite nail design that cutepolish does!! Yes they are her actual nails.  She uses a pink polish and borders it with black polish. She then uses a white polish to make it seem that there is a reflection on her nails. What really makes it look animated is the top coat. Again the one she used for her divergent nails. The one that takes out the shine in the nails. Once you’ve taken out the shine it looks just like her nails were animated into the video.


Divergent Nails?

imageHi!!! So I thought that I would add in one of cutepolish’s more recent designs. This design is perfect to go see the movie Divergent. The design was inspired by Tris’s three bird tattoo. In this video she uses a nude polish, if you don’t have a nude polish you can just use a lighter pink. She also uses a special top coat which takes out all the shine in the polish. You don’t have to do this. I’ve tried the design myself and I think it works both ways, shiniy and not shiny. For more of her video’s here is a link to a site with quite a few videos you might enjoy.

Cute Penguins

here is a link to another site with the video and a feew comments on the design.

imageHi again!! In this video, cutepolish is showing us how to make our nails look like multi-coloured penguins. On top of being super cute they are quick and easy to do! Don’t forget to use a base coat!! A lot of people ignore it and think that there might not be a difference, but there is. If you are a person that wears nail polish frequently and don’t use a base coat you could damage your natural nail. The base coat helps protect your nail and won’t damage it.  Top coat is almost as important, it helps your nail design last longer. Yet top coat can be tricky, if you put it on before your design dries, it could smudge and no one likes smudges.


To Get Started

Here is a link to a review on the design. image

Hi! I would just like to take this time to say hi, so…HAiii!! I’m really excited to show you some tips and  tricks to do nail art. My favourite “nail designist” (is that what they’re called? I have no idea) is cutepolish. She has her own youtube channel if you would like to check that out. She posts  videos every sunday and always has new fun designs to share. I will post some of her videos as well so you could just watch on my blog if you would like!

To get started here is one of her videos where she makes a suit and tie design. If you don’t have any tools than you can always use a toothpick or you can even straighten out a bobby pin and use the end of a bobby pin.